Batian coffee house is the ultimate place to be. We are located in Meru, along the Meru - Nanyuki highway in the Meru Coffee Building ground floor next to Capital Sacco. Our sumptuous coffee drinks leave you with unforgettable experiences.

We are experts at the art of coffee brewing, offering best coffee drinks from locally produced high quality Mount Kenya Arabica coffee that makes you feel invigorated. Our coffee is more than just a drink because it gives you a satisfaction that you cannot get from any other drink. We have the best-trained team that delivers beyond your expectations. Our team is highly professional, making them very efficient and flexible in meeting your specifications.  
We have a cozy and tranquil atmosphere where you can sit back and enjoy our coffee products and snacks as you enjoy your favorite TV show and listen to serene music. Our products are not only pocket friendly, but also of the best quality. Come experience heart melting moments with family, spouses, and friends as you enjoy Mount Kenya Arabica coffee. If you have never been to Batian Coffee House, purpose to be there, you will never regret visiting our coffee house.

Hot coffee variety
•    White coffee with milk
•    Black coffee
•    Americano (Espresso with hot water)
•    Latte (Espresso with milk)
•    Latte Macchiato (Espresso with frothed milk)
•    Mocha (Espresso plus chocolate paste)
•    Cappuccino (Espresso with frothed milk)
•    Espresso

Iced coffee
•    Iced Cappuccino
•    Iced Latte
•    Iced Mocha
•    Iced Americano
In addition to the above, we also offer snacks such as cakes, samosa, sausages, chapattis, chips, eggs, arrowroots, and sweet potatoes among others.

We highly welcome you.

Our Products

Meru Central Coffee Union

Welcome to Meru Central Coffee Union website. We are dedicated to ensuring that coffee farmers produce high quality coffee through the promotion of the best production practices that are sustainable.


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