Have you ever thought of having that natural taste of coffee that has been produced without additional ingredients? This is why you need to try Mount Kenya Meru Arabica coffee. Mount Kenya Meru Arabica coffee has that natural aroma and taste that will give a refreshing experience that is not comparable to any other beverage. Meru Arabica coffee is the best coffee derived from coffee berries of the mountainous and fertile Mount Kenya region. Careful grading and processing of the coffee is done to ensure that we deliver a high quality coffee product.

Meru Arabica coffee is made purely from Arabica beans, it will gives a rich and memorable flavor. It is well refined and packed in unique sachets of various sizes to fit your requirements.

In addition, Meru Arabica coffee is pocket friendly in spite of its high quality and availability. Our coffee is deemed the best since we Meru Coffee Union; producers of Meru Arabica Coffee have highly qualified staff, who advice farmers on the best methods of growing and maintaining the coffee plant to ascertain that they harvest high quality coffee berries. Moreover, we advice farmers on the best coffee seedlings to use, as well as the best methods of maintaining soil fertility. We ensure that our packaged coffee is of high quality by starting from the coffee plant, where we ensure that it is well catered for to ascertain a high quality harvest; after which the high quality coffee berries go through the processes roasting, grinding and packaging using out state of the art processing systems. We do not add artificial preservatives or flavors to the final product.

Meru Arabica coffee will give you the following health benefits: 

  • Coffee contains caffeine that helps in brain stimulation hence sharp thinking
  • Coffee reduces the risk of having stroke and also reduces the risk of heart attack in women
  • It’s amazing how taking coffee can reduce the risk of getting diabetes
  • Coffee contains vitamin B that helps in regulating your metabolic rates
  • Amazingly coffee boasts your energy and helps maintain body fitness


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